Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about the answer to a question you may have about the Beamshield Plus Product? Please see below and if you’re still looking for an answer please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01457 863211 or via our online enquiry form.

What is Beamshield Plus?

Beamshield Plus is a system of EPS insulation units which fit between and below the T Beam forming a continuous layer of insulation below the Beam. The EPS insulation units also provide a permanent formwork for structural concrete toppings.

Where can we get your BBA Certificate from?

From our downloads page, or BBA’s website

How are the units installed?

We also have a comprehensive EPS Installation Manuel that can be downloaded download details. Alternatively one of our Business Development Managers can visit you on site and answer any questions that you may have, or you may prefer to contact out office based technical team who are available Monday to Friday on 0845 7697452.

What U value would Beamshield Plus achieve in my floor?

Beamshield Plus uniquely offers a range of U Values, typically from 0.10w/km2 to 0.22w/km2, although lower U Values are available should they be required. On receipt of T Beam layouts our Technical Department can quickly and accurately calculate U Values, and once specified individual declarations and PSI Values can also be calculated.

What is the difference between White and Platinum Beamshield Plus?

Platinum Beamshield Plus has a superior Lambda value and therefore can achieve lower U values. Both White and Platinum can contribute significantly to achieving SAP compliance.

Is any additional insulation required?

Beamshield Plus is a single unit which fits between the T beams and interlocks below the beam to complete the envelope.

Do I need any special tools to install Beamshield Plus?

No. Simple tools such as a fine tooth saw and tape measure are all that you need. It is useful to have EPS compatible gap filler foam at hand for any gaps that occur around penetrations.

How are the units identified on site?

All parcels have colour coded labels which marry up Beamshield Plus app to identify the type of unit.

What is the floor finish?

The floor is finished with a structural concrete topping. Full minimum specifications for the concrete can be found in our BBA Certificate and on our website.

What loadings can be applied to the floor?

Dependent upon the Concrete topping specification chosen from our list then domestic, communal and commercial loads can be applied. Please read the guidance notes carefully before specifying a concrete topping.

Where can I purchase Beamshield Plus?

We have approved and experienced T beam manufacturers across the country who can supply a design service for your required floor specifications. Springvale Sales and Technical Team is here to help you purchase the right Beamshield Plus unit for your floor.

Can underfloor heating systems be used with Beamshield Plus?

Yes. If there is no membrane installed above the units then a screw type fixing can be used to hold the pipes down. If there is a membrane then the pipes can be fixed to the mesh, or an overlapping system plate can be used to hold the pipes. Ensure that the minimum thickness of concrete above the pipes is as per our BBA Certificate.

Can the EPS panels and any off-cuts be recycled?

Yes, if all the EPS is bagged and clean. Please contact your system provider for details.

Is Beamshield Plus competitively priced?

Yes. When installed the system is significantly more competitive than block and beam.

What is the BRE Green Guide Rating for EPS?

The BRE Green Guide Rating for EPS is A+. For generic thermally infilled suspended floors the BRE Green Guide Rating is A+.

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