Importance of detailing at junctions

By the adoption of good practice at the design stage there are considerable savings to be made in the amount of heat lost through bridges at critical junctions in houses. Around 30% of heat in the fabric of a typical house can be lost as a result of thermal bridging.

Springvale EPS promote good practice in the use of all of its EPS insulation products and can provide PSI values for Beamshield™ Plus in both masonry and timber frame constructions.

PSI values are derived from a three dimensional model using state of the art software. The model is constructed from the dimensions and thermal values (W/m.K) from all the components used in the floor/wall/foundation design.

Linear Thermal Bridging

It is vital that the data used in all calculations is accurate and up-to-date. The 3D thermal graphic shows clearly the benefit of a well designed junction using Beamshield™ Plus. The corner junction is particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations across the junction and should be no less than 0.75 of the internal temperature used in the calculation.

A well designed junction should include components that as well as being structurally sound have a good thermal performance. The location and coverage of these thermal components is equally as important.

The thermal value 2D graphic shows some typical components that may be used to achieve a good PSI value.

Linear Thermal Bridging - PSI Values

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